Comparison of Peachtree and Microsoft Dynamics Gp

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Two accounting software programs, Sage Peachtree and Microsoft Dynamics, were tested under similar conditions for a direct comparison. General information categories were created with more specific segments to pit both of the programs against each other. The reaction to each segment was based on a Liker Scale, where each segment was graded 1-5 based on the following criteria: 1-Completely dissatisfied/very difficult 2-Slightly dissatisfied/moderately difficult 3-Neutral 4-Satisified/not difficult 5-Extremely satisfied/very easy The following analysis displays a matrix for each category with corresponding segments, showing the liker scale grade and explanation. | Peachtree | Microsoft Dynamics | General Ledger: | | |…show more content…
The Payroll Register was also included in “Reports & Forms” tool bar. Statement values change automatically with each transaction, the user only has to choose date range for statement. Dynamics users may have a harder time accessing each financial statement. The user must create and customize the statement before viewing, and all financial reports are not located in a central location. Dynamics users may have an easier time creating special statements and statements are updated with each posted transaction within a specified time period. Miscellaneous: | Peachtree | Microsoft Dynamics | Ease of use and overall appearance | 4 | 1 | Technical support or help function | 5 | 3 | Upgrade capability | 5 | 4 | In evaluating software, once of the most important criteria would be the ease of use and appearance. Peachtree’s main tasks are listed under the toolbar menus, so finding a function is simpler than Dynamics. But even so, tool bar menus are not in alphabetical order which can cause confusion when looking for a task. Dynamics has a number of menus located on the left side and the user must determine what menu to use before finding the correct function. Dynamics was extremely difficult to use and time consuming; the main difficulty lies in the inability to locate links within the small font of the menus. Peachtree has many often-used functions that appear on the main screen, cutting down on time. Peachtree

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