Comparison of the Explorations of Portugal, Spain and France

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During the exploration of the New World Portugal, France, and Spain had one thing in common to search for new resources such as sugar, spices, and gold. The European arrival in the Americas set a new era off known as the Columbian Exchange which changed the America’s forever. Native Americans introduced the Europeans to several new crops such as corn, squash, pumpkins, and sweet potatoes. Portugal set off for a search for sea route to Asia, while in competition with Spain who was also seeking an active root to Asia as well. The French exploration occurred later after the “New World” was found, and their target was to find a Northwest Passage where they hoped for a route through North America to the pacific. Portugal’s explorations of the Africa brought wealth and power for Prince Henry. It was not enough for him, so he was looking for more opportunities, especially to trade with India. His main goal was to find a sea route that connected to Asia. When Manuel took the throne, he organized a large expedition to India. After 22 days of sailing the crew landed Portugal reached their goal; they had found their long sought water route. I feel that without the advanced technology that Portugal utilized that no such route would have been found and they would have not been able to gain essential resources needed for their country to thrive. During the same time as Portugal’s expansion Spain was also seeking a passage from Spain across the Atlantic to Asia. A man from

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