Comparisons of Different Famous Diets

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Jenny Craig Diet: Characteristics The main premise of the Jenny Craig diet is that participants eat prepackaged, premeasured, and processed meals which are delivered to the participant’s home. Counselors are available in order to assist with long-term goals and teach participants to avoid emotional eating. There is some flexibility in allowing participants to eat out, or to enjoy the occasional snack as well ("health and wellness,"2014).

Pros/advantages and Cons/disadvantages

According to nutritionists who reviewed several top diets, as noted in the US News and World Report, the Jenny Craig diet is safe, nutritionally balanced, and convenient. Weight loss can be steady and easily obtained, and therefore may lower the participants
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Pros/advantages and Cons/disadvantages

An advantage to the Nutrisystem diet would be steady weight loss and a convenient way to get oneself on track. In addition, no food is restricted in and of itself. Other foods besides the package system are available for the participant to enjoy. There are specific concepts for each dieter based on their other types of conditions. Different tracks for older adults and diabetics are made available ("health and wellness,"2014).

Disadvantages to this diet, as well as diets like Jenny Craig, would be first and foremost the cost that is needed in order to purchase the food. In addition with the Nutrisystem diet, dining out is not a part of the plan. The diet is restricted in the fact that your meals are prepared and delivered but there is not an avenue for creativity in preparing meals, this may make things difficult for a family.


I would only recommend Nutrisystem to a person who needed to lose a considerable amount of weight, and only if they were willing to spend the money for the guaranteed calorie restriction. Those who are willing to make a large commitment in the form of money may benefit from having the work of food prep done for them. However, this is not a long term solution. Nutrisystem does claim that they have made enhancements in their plan and are continually researching in order to make it healthy and safe for participants ("health and wellness,"2014).

Weight Watchers Diet:
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