A Research And Clinical Background Of Life Division Sells Weight Loss Products And Programs

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A. Strength
a) Strong scientific and clinical background
Medifast, originally developed by a physician, owns a superior scientific and clinical heritage, by which it is committed to evaluating its products and programs through its clinical research. This is the biggest differentiator for Medifast to be distinct from other companies and makes the products of Medifast reliable. Firstly, the Scientific Advisory Board of Medifast includes medical expertise and registered dieticians who are responsible for the medical and nutritional ingredients in its products. Secondly, Medifast has a close national network with physicians. Its products and programs have been recommended by over 20,000 doctors since 1980, as they are proved to be effective by …show more content…

4. Medifast Wholesale
Medical providers using products of Medifast are the wholesalers. The company cooperates with those medical providers to help patients who suffer from disease caused by obesity. Medifast’s nutrition support team will grow personalized programs for patients. This will occur by phone and email.

c) Multiple operations
The services of Medifast vary from weight management to healthy living products. Under the corporation of Medifast, there are several brands such as OPTAVIA and Flavors of Home. The meal replacement line has more than 65 options, covering bars, pudding, shakes, bakes and etc.
B. Threat
a) competitive pressure from other market players
Encompassed with various companies and products, the weight-loss industry is highly competitive. Medifast has to face the threats from its competitors among supply chain distribution, product diversity, production expense, popularity and reaction time of customer demand. Besides, new entrants in the market increase the risks of this business. Currently, Medifast identifies Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers International as its main competitiors.
1. Nutrisystem is another product and service provider in the weight management industry. The company concentrates on the meal replacement market, which is a serious threat to Medifast’s product sale. Its competitiveness versus Medifast largely derives from the low price, product efficacy and Customer Value Proposition. λ First of all, the low prices of

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