Compensation Plan For Marriott, Inc.

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Marriott Compensation Outline Assessing the current compensation plan to establish if it is suitable for Marriott, Inc. The present compensation plan of Marriott, Inc. aims at drawing and maintaining the best human resources possible. The plan serves numerous reasons for Marriott, Inc. Compensation plan for executives is a result through a committee and mainly depend on an extended term in fair compensation. Ensuring that the executives makes the decision that correlates with the objectives of the company. Their program is created to drive performance through a mixture of near-term finances, working goals and long-term focus on their stock price performance. The reliability in how the company achieves their compensation program and their objectives under that program has proven to be a significant influence. Their viewpoint remains to accentuate fairness within compensation as the most important element of the NEOs’ total program that supports our pay-for-performance purposes. (EXECUTIVE AND DIRECTOR COMPENSATION, 2016) Concentrating more so on long-term outcomes. Allowing investors to go beyond four years from now excluding the expenses in the current year, because they look for the increase in drive through stocks and short-term trends. By including these long-term outcomes within the compensation plan would allow multi-year measures and build a team that will be within the company for a long period. All combined would build great determination towards long term goals.

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