Competition Laws or Antitrust Laws Essay

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Competition laws or antitrust laws are to assure that all consumers that they have the opportunity to pay the lowest price added to with a higher quality of products and services they are utilizing. “Using dominant industry power to secure favorable product prices from buyers, even though such prices are unavailable to weaker companies in the same industry, is generally a violation of antitrust laws” (SBA GOV2011).Currently competition laws enables every single person to do business in the market. “The importance of the development of an effective framework for competition policy lies on its ability to enhance international trade, multilateral cooperation and the flow of investments Especially towards developing and least-developed…show more content…
Competitors pressure each other to be more efficient, to be lenient and rudeness. This is the very essence of capitalism. It is wrong thing to say that only the consumer benefits. If any type of firm improves itself, re-engineers its production processes, introduces new management teqniques, modernizes in order to battle the competition, it stands to reason that it will lurks the rewards . Competition benefits the economy, as a whole, the consumers and other producers by a process of natural economic selection where only the fittest survive. All over the world competition on the decisions made by management with regards to make difference, as we all see technological changes and advancements in every sector of the world this also goes for the shipping industry. This access of the computers and Internet make much more the possibility of market for a business to get more consumers into their online stores. Many organizations are resorting to the big shipping companies in the market and this shows how the relationship between major online businesses and shipping companies is crucial. Since this businesses rely on shipping this should be the fundamental focus of any shipping business. This relationship should extend to consumers so they know whom to go for when they need to ship anything. Low pricing and quality service is critical to thrive within the shipping industry. Furthermore, the unions are crippling
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