Complaint Letter Of Complaint

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I wanted to file a complaint about Carlos, a worker at Breadmasters who has shown he is not a good fit for his job. He has a thirst for drama and I have witnessed his want of instigating problems within the workplace. On August 16, 2017 I was a victim of his cruelty and rudeness. When we were in a meeting, he had accused me of using my handphone and not paying attention, which both were proven as false accusations. As the meeting continued, he had brought up a problem that had nothing do with me, but I opted to jump into my co workers defense. We had been given permission to bring in closed water bottles to the workplace and leave them in an isolated corner with the condition that we will wash our hands every time we had contact with these water bottles. I just wanted to clear the fact that we were not doing this out of our own rebelliousness like the Carlos made us feel. I politely wanted to defend our case, he did not want to hear it and shut me up very rudely. I refused to stay quiet because he had leveled up the situation into a problem I did not want to create and I again wanted to clear that I had nothing against him, I just wanted to reference the fact that we were given permission. He continued to tell me to “Be quite.” At some point he also accused me of being “passive agressive” when the whole time I was trying to be respectful and polite, and he was the raising his voice at me and borderline yelling at me. His voice kept on elevating and I will never forget that
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