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Writing is one of most difficult subjects to master due to the writing tactics many writers use and the different tips followed for the various writing topics. A writer will elaborate strongly when pressure is not included during the time they are writing. If a writer feels pressure while writing a paper it will become visible to readers that the writer was not comfortable causing them confusion. Another important factor to take under consideration is the time that the author spends when writing because it will reflect on their critic’s opinions. When writers feel freedom to include all their ideas their writing becomes a jargon of ideas however, if given a prompt writing is more clear and straightforward. Prompts give writers the topic …show more content…

To fill the blank white page is the only goal in the writers mind even though their words are all unorganized. When writing under pressure writers weaken their text and are inclined to make mistakes such as punctuation and grammar without going noticed. Writing under pressure causes the writer to lose focus and leads to rush writing leading to common mistakes (Weingarten 7). When a deadline becomes a countdown stress will only pile up and every process associated with writing will become a horror movie. Therefore, writing under pressure will only lead to a page with words that the reader will not understand because it lacks conciseness. Prompts for writing provide a structured statement to argue for or against which makes the writer clear about their own opinions leading to a more organized writing sample. A prompt should be split into parts in order to develop an opinion based the statement, and a writer should ask questions relating to the writing prompt. It is often said that “free writing” or writing without a prompt leads writers to write more effectively however, prompts leads writers to research a topic they knew nothing about before. A prompt leads writers to become informed about topics they knew nothing about. Writing prompts spark creativity that helps writers think about old memories in a new way or think about new concepts all together. Furthermore using writing prompts creates a

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