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Matthew Coler
Mrs. Haver
English 12
27 October 2017
How to Build A Gaming Computer Computers have changed over the years. This includes speed, video quality and effectiveness. Computers have been made in different styles using different software and components. Building a gaming computers will allow the user to pick and choose what components are wanted when building. Building a gaming computer can be successfully achieved by carefully following outlined steps and safety precautions. In order to correctly build a gaming computer the following materials and supplies are needed. First is the Central Processing Unit (CPU). What the CPU is is the brain of the computer. The small processor handles the primary calculations for the …show more content…

A good cooling case is the Cooler Master Pro 5. There are also some precautions that should be made aware. This project will be time consuming so it will take longer than 2 to 3 hrs to accomplish sometimes up to a day. Another precaution is it might not boot the first time that it is tried. This is normal and should not be taken as it will never work but maybe a cord is unplugged somewhere. To prevent a electrical discharge from the body which would fry the components buy a electrical discharge mat and bracelet which cost around $10 dollars. This all should cost around $2,293. (Meyers, Jernigan 369, 570-573) (Amazon).
Opening a case may see very easy but there is only a couple ways to open it.
Find the screws that stick out on the back side of the case. Lay the case down and remove the screws, then slide the plate off the case. Remove anything on or in the computer case which can include papers plastic and warning stickers. Make sure u have put on the electric discharge mat and bracelet before you continue. Next Step is to install the power supply which can be a difficult task. First figure out if the power supply is modular or not. If it's modular the cords are not attached to the power supply making it easier to install but if they are connected just take the cords and use a rubber band to contain them and put them on one side. After that is done take the power supply and place it in the case where the plugs are facing out of the hole on

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