Computer Resource Using Virtualization Technology

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Among these SPE process, we focus on load generating of performance testing. There are many load generating tools like Load Runner [13] and Silk Performer [14]. However, tools cannot cover every testing scenario. In a server/client environment, client sends information to server generally. However, server may send information to client. Existing tools cannot support that scenario. If a tool does not understand communication protocol, it cannot generate load and if DUT[2] uses new technique that tool does not support, it cannot

generate load. In those situations, we cannot use existing load generating tool and we may have to use many real computers and lot of people are required to operate software on those computers which is not …show more content…

Architecture of the tool
The overall architecture of the tool is presented in Figure 1. Virtual computers are generated from real server. The number of virtual computers generated from a real server depends on the scenario under which the DUT[2] is to be analyzed. Each Virtual Computer has a different IP Address. Thus, each virtual computer acts as an individual client. The user (tester) just interacts with the physical computer and executes the python scripts present. These scripts activate the virtual computers which interact with the DUT[2] and generate traffic depending on the profile which the user selects before the test begins.

Virtualization is a technique that abstracts computing resource. It enables the users to create a simulated environment and use the resources effectively. Virtualization is divided into several categories as purpose such as server virtualization, network virtualization, desktop virtualization, application virtualization and so on [15]. In this paper, we use desktop virtualization technique to perform software performance test. There are a lot of desktop virtualization products such as VMWARE [16], Virtual PC [17], Parallels [18], Virtual Box [19] and so on. We selected VMWARE because it is the most frequently used product and it uses computing resource efficiently. It enables the users to use all the CPU cores effectively. It also has high compatibility with various

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