Computer Science : Computers Are Useless

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Cole Miller
Mrs. Bosse
Honors English 11
25 January 2015
Computer Science According to Pablo Picasso, “Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.” There is much more than the computer involved with the process of giving you the answers. This is where computer science comes in, from making the computers to the programs. Computer scientist not only have to know how the computer works but, they must also know all the programming languages that come along with them from HTML to C++. Computer scientists require a vast knowledge from programming to computer parts to be successful at what they do. At first, the computer was just a massive device used to compute simple tasks that a human could do with ease. The first real computer was the ENIAC system, which was a computer that filled up an entire room with its parts. It was used as a giant calculator with the functions of adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing and square rooting. It was an advancement because they used base ten numbers instead of binary, a number system consisting of zeroes and ones that the computer can interpret with it being decompiled. With that advancement and the increase in technology, the computer evolved into today’s computers. Today’s computer consist of many different parts each having a different importance. The most important part being the motherboard. It is like the brain of a computer, the motherboard is where all the components of the computer connect up to. It also holds the…
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