Computer Systems And The System Essay

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Introduction Computer systems advanced quickly when considered relative to how long systems have been around. The advancement of systems allowed for threads and processes to evolve to become more complex, and more efficient. The systems programs were executed on also became more efficient in the way they run programs. Systems that could only execute one program at a time, and share CPU cycles advanced to the point of parallel processing where threads are executed across many CPU cores. The security implementations among these systems was equally unique, and also have their own set of problems. Evolution of Threads and Processes A thread in a system is a sequential execution stream. That is, the instructions are executed in order. A process is one or more threads, as well as the current state of execution (Lambert, 2012). Early operating systems allowed one process, with one thread to be executed. Systems became capable of executing multiple processes, and threads as technology advanced. Time-sharing systems allowed processes to run concurrently on a computer, although each process was active on the CPU at one given time. Multiprogramming systems advanced this further, allowing multiple processes to occupy CPU time. Distributed systems were the next advancement where processes were distributed across multiple computers on a network. Parallel processing was the next to allow processes with multiple threads to be spread across cores on a single CPU. Time-sharing Systems

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