Computers Are Capable Of Amazing Things Essay

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Mainframes and supercomputers are incredible pieces of technology that are capable of amazing things. A mainframe is capable of handling a large quantity of data in a short period of time while a supercomputer is capable of solving complex scientific calculations. Both the mainframes and the supercomputers have a lot to offer and they are capable of great things.
A supercomputer can perform some incredible functions. Scientific research and simulation are two of the great functions, which interconnect with each other, for which supercomputers are used. It is normal to hear talk or read about supercomputers as state-of-the-art machines, giants capable of developing tasks that would otherwise be impossible. When a new model that exceeds in power to the rest of the existent publishes figures of its performance, the tens of thousands of processors that it contains or the hundreds of thousands of cores that form it stand out. All this disproportionate hardware has a purpose.
Currently, a supercomputer is tens of thousands of times faster than an average desktop computer. Parallel processing of information achieves impressive speeds, allowing a computing power needed to address some of today 's biggest scientific doubts and problems. Actually they are machines formed by the same components that we find in a computer, however, these have been integrated in such a way that they can work in coordination and at the same time. Today, the world 's fastest supercomputer is the Tianhe-2,

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