Computers : Are They Really Human?

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Stephen Swierkosz
October 23rd
CGS2100 Semester Project
Computers: Are they really human?
In the beginning of the human race, technology was nonexistent, or even thought of, but ever since the start they have always tried to find things to make their live simpler. Today, people live are simpler than they were in history due to the advancements of technology that have made life a little too easy. The computer for instance is everywhere today, from a smartphone to a desktop computer. Advancements with the technology of the computer have helped scientist take the most complex equation to solve in less than a few seconds. Computers can take on tasks that require a lot of info to tasks that would take less than a second. Even today computers …show more content…

An input device is any hardware device that sends data to a computer, allowing you to interact with and control the computer (“Input Devices”,N/A, 2015). Input devices vary from accessories like the keyboard, mouse, or an audio conversion device, along with many others. All three play a separate part that gives the computer a better understanding of what is going on and what should be happening. Input devices such as audio conversion devices make enjoying things that people would like to have, such as a burned CD disk with their favorite music, or maybe you want to download music from the computer to their MP3 player using a USB cord. The software included with the device records the audio playback from the audio media and converts it to MP3 format. Some devices allow for recording to other audio formats besides MP3(“Input Devices”, N/A, 2015). Computers have made so many advancements over the years that they are close enough to replicate the human senses. The input device that needs improving is touchpad on laptops. It can recognize the tough of your finger in an instant or it doesn’t even notice you’re trying to get to somewhere else. One of the input devices that have come a long way is the invention of the touch screen on tablets and some laptops today. The touchscreen on these devices can automatically and simutaneously read every movement that you do on it. It reads your touch as a command and sometimes reads it as the owner of the tablet. For example,

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