Computers : Case Study

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REBOOTING SYSTEMS. SENSES. CHECK. MOVEMENT. CHECK. HUMAN EMOTIONS. CHECK. “Who am I?” The humanoid creature asked a middle aged woman who sat in front of it on a wooden stool wearing a white lab coat and expensive black glasses. “Welcome,” the woman whispered with a gentle smile, “your senses are very sensitive right now so I will be speaking lowly.” The woman wrote something down on a large clipboard that she held in her hands and pushed up her glasses that slid down her face. “To answer your question-“the woman paused and after a moment of thinking nodded in affirmation. “You are S4D-B01, the world’s first completely self-aware and human-intelligent robot.” S4D-B01 looked down at its human-like hands and brought them to its face. “What …show more content…

“I am Dr. Lingard, the best god damn scientist this rotten piece of junk we call Earth. This is my facility and I am top dog around here so you better listen well. I created you and I can certainly put an end to you! I didn’t create you to be stupid so you better think carefully about what you say and do before you end up in the trash compactor.” S4D-B01 sat on its uncomfortable chair quietly, tears rolling down its cheeks. “O-okay…” it muttered in a whisper. “Good,” Lingard scowled and stood up, motioned for S4D-B01 to follow, and began walking towards the door. “It’s time for you to endure some experiments.” The small janitor’s closet was cut off from the rest of the lab. Tucked in at the far end of a long hallway, the closet was tossed on the west wing of the large building at the last minute. In a way, it also symbolized the way the rest of the lab treated me. I was isolated. I was the janitor, the lowest of the low. Some pitied me while others detested me. Such is the way of life as a janitor. The others were either too smart to communicate with such a commoner or didn’t want to hang out with a person they perceived as dirty. “You’re lucky that you’re even here,” one scientist muttered to me one morning, “anyone could take that job from you. It’s too easy!” Let me make something clear, being a janitor is not “easy” but it’s not boring either. Every day I faced another challenge and I was the only one with the solution. As much as they didn’t

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