Case Analysis : Computer Hardware, Software Communications And Peripheral Components Of The Personal Computer

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Jesse Coronado
Professor Alan Maples
COSC 1301-33420
March 9, 2017
Case Study 1
In this case study, I am tasked with helping my three finds find computers that would match their life and responsibilities perfectly. Three of my friends have asked me to configure a new computer for each of them. Each and every one of my friends have a two-thousand-dollar price limit. The price limit applies to the computer hardware, software communications and peripheral components of the personal computer. Friend number one likes to play video games. Friend number one is also a student. Friend number two wants to purchase a computer for his home office. Friend number two works as a travel agent from home. Furthermore, Friend number three would like a
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This means that this friend would need the help of a printer. Because a good gamer needs a good software, he would need a lot of memory. This means that his laptop would need a large storage. A mouse would come in handy from time to time also. He would also need to stream and download his games. This person would utilize the $39.99 per month offer offered by Time Warner Cable.
Friend number two is a small/home office user. The Second friend, the travel agent, would need to enlist the help of a Personal Computer. Since he has a home office, he does not need a portable laptop since he would be located in one place. Just like the first friend, he would be using the Microsoft operating system with google. Just like the first friend, this friend would require a number of things as well. The things this friend would require would be a Personal computer, a monitor, a keyboard, speakers a fax machine, a printer and Microsoft Office (including word, excel and PowerPoint) in order to accomplish the tasks he would need to accomplish as a Travel Agent. In order to be able to complete all of the tasks that are needed to be completed, he would need a CPU with a reasonably high amount of storage. A travel agent could also use a fax machine to submit paperwork electronically to their clients. A software that would work phenomenally would be Office. The travel agent would also need a web camera co communicate with his or her client and a
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