Concealed Sins

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Concealed Sins of Society Kazuo Ishiguro depicts our materialistic and egotistic society's tendency to masquerade our communal sins through euphemistic language and willful ignorance. Ishiguro’s novel surrounds the life of the clones and their “obligation” to society as organ donors. Ishiguro touches upon the “what ifs” in a society that eliminates the issue of an organ donation shortage. In particular, Ishiguro discusses the public’s reaction to the killing of the clones for their benefit. The novel’s version of the public prefers to ignore the fact that these clones are human or that the clones even exist. The controversy in the novel shines a light on the reality of society’s willful ignorance on controversial matters. In matters like stem cell research and using citizens of 3rd world nation for…show more content…
Society demonstrates this tactic of controversial avoidance in the debate with stem cell research and the roots in the abortion movement as the aborted embryos are used for research. Society never uses the terms pro-abortion or anti- abortion due to the negative connotation of abortion or the use of anti- or opposing. Society clings to phrases such as “pro-life” and “pro-choice” to radiate positive views of the matter. Society uses these terms when addressing the stem cell research done with these embryos. Pro-life supporters, similar to the public in Never Let Me Go, want to support the benefits of stem cell research and willfully ignore the necessary element for the research. Another situation to support Ishiguro’s claim of willful ignorance in society lies on the feet of society, Nike is famous for the technicolored athletic wear found on the USA’s best athletes though Nike is infamous for the abusive, inexpensive, workhouses in 3rd world nations. Nike has been questioned about the labor issues and refuses to change the way they function. The world refuses to stop buying Nike even when informed of the corruption, once again turning a blind
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