Concentration Camp Narrative

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Journey to the Concentration Camp with Ben & I I was in class waiting for the bell to ring for lunch so I can talk to Ben Kamm my best friend. I was counting down in my head 5...4...3...2...1!! I shot out of my seat and rushed down the halls to the cafeteria to meet with Ben. We got our lunch which was nachos and sat at our table. When we sat down Ben looked at me and ask do I wanna go to the park after school and I of course said yes because we would do anything to get oth of the ghetto. Lunch was over and I was walking back to my class room thinking of how much fun we are going to have at the park today. I was in my final class minutes away from the bell ringi-BRING the bell interrupted my thoughts. I start collecting my things and I swing…show more content…
These guys looked like they were ready to end some peoples life. Ben and I were scared so we hid in a bush for like 30 minutes trying to see if we can hear anything. When we didn’t hear anything started to get up but then we hear whispers but couldn’t make out what they were saying. Ben looked at me and asked, “ German?” but I didn’t know. Then one guys said five words in english that made my heart stop ‘We must kill all Jews’ in a thick german accent. After he said that I had tears in my eyes I looked and Ben and he said we should try getting away slowly without making…show more content…
There was boys, girls, men, women, and even babies. I was confused on where we were at. Two men opened the back of the van up and pulled us out and that’s when I saw the sign that read ‘ Concentration Camps’. They separated us women in and children under ten on the left side cabins and men and boys ten and older on the right side cabins. When I got in the cabins they made us strip of our clothes and wrap in blankets. We walked outside in the freezing cold and they had us sit in chairs. They started cutting our hair with so much force. After they were done they sent us back to our cabins. When we went out for lunch I saw Ben and he called me over. He told me that him and some guys were planning to fight the men whose named the Nazis. I told him if he was fighting to was I but he told me to stay and i refused. So after a couple of weeks in the concentration camp Ben told me when and where to meet him and the other men. So the night we were going I met them outside and they told me that we were going to be living in the woods. I was not all for that but if Ben was okay with it then I was too. They later told me that people call them partisan fighters so I guess that’s what we are called. Our way of dealing with the Nazis is to fight back and kill
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