Concept Analysis On Pain And Pain

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Concept Analysis on Pain
Pain is one of the most common challenging complains by patients. Pain in general is a very uncomfortable feeling. Studies have shown that pain can affect the quality of life of individuals (Ferrel, 1995). Over 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. This is the kind of pain that lasts for more then 6 months. It can be mild or excruciating pain (Ratini, 2014). Nurse researchers have spent the last 30 years trying to study pain management using both pain measurements and outcomes of pain. Some studies have even shown that pain is not completely controlled even with pharmacological agents (Wells, Pasero, & McCaffery, 2008). Pain that is not managed adequately can lead to adverse physical and psychological patient outcomes, for patients and their families (Wells, Pasero, & McCaffery, 2008).
A person encompasses various types of pain throughout their life cycle, from birth to the end of life. Pain experiences may include acute and chronic pain, pain from chronic conditions, or pain as a symptom of a patient receiving palliative care. Pain is not just physiological but can be emotional, psychosocial, or even spiritual. Due to the multiple advances in pain management. Nurses can have inadequate information about pain management (Board of Nursing, 2001). Pain management is a vital part of nursing. It is part is the 5th vital sign that nurses assess when they take their vital signs. Pain management is one of the most

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