The Middle Range Theory Of Acute Pain Management

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The middle range theories consist of two more concepts, and these concepts are concrete and operationally explained. The hypothesis from middle range theories is testable. These theories are specific to the problem (McEwen, &. Wills, 2014). The middle range theory of Acute Pain Management by Good and Moore established in1996 used in the management of acute and chronic pain. Marion Good is working as an Associate Professor of Nursing at, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio. She conducted many researches in nursing. She is very much involved in Nursing theories and Nursing Research. She conducted research on patient teaching for different therapies for pain management. The first research she did about pain management and…show more content…
There are several journals published by Moore. She published numerous journals in nursing. The significant one is journal of AIDS Clinical Research, a multi-Level family and school intervention targeting obesity in urban youth. Weight management intervention in stroke survivors: rationale and research protocol, journal of Medical Internet Research. She provides unavoidable inputs to nursing profession by her relevance in reseach and her significant publications in nursing. ( Acute pain management theory pain is the usual cause for persons to look for treatment. Inadequate pain management can cause delay in healing process. It can also leads to prolonged hospital stay. The acute pain management theory describe how nurse can manage pain with minimal effects from the pharmacological interventions and use of alternative methods of pain management (Good &Moore, 1996) The main factors are in the management of pain are Pharmacological, non-pharmacological, patient participation, education and different interventions. Effective pain management involves the application of non-pharmacological interventions and usage of pain medications. (McEwen & Willis, 2014). The pain management theory deals with management of pain in daily basis. It offers the knowledge about alternate methods in pain
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