Concept Of Identity And Identity

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Concept of Identity The concept of identity is essential to the psychological study of humans and their importance in society. One established definition of identity states it is an outcome of participating in the process of identification (Lawler, S 2008). Identification occurs in two main stages. The primary stage is uniquely personal as it is the fundamental part of one’s personality. It is exhibited in every action undertaken by the person. The secondary stage is malleable and adjusts itself based on the situation. As a result, it is possible a different identity is provided in each event. These stages are both vital to the concept of identity. Family (which is present in the first stage) is important in the early stages of one’s life during development and remains mostly unchanged. While a workplace rather (which is present in the second stage) is a social aspect that one’s identity must adapt to while becoming part of society. As a result, each stage is equally important in the concept of identity. A popular theorist in this field of study, Erik Erikson developed a unique viewpoint on the concept of Identity. Erikson’s theory states that as a person matures they will be faced with various issues they must overcome, with failure inducing an inability to complete future stages and cause a person to have an corrupt personality and concept of their own identity. The picture below outlines the various stages one must engage in throughout their life. The ‘ideal’ person is

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