Identity And Identity Essay

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Deniro Dawson Prof. Katrina Millan College Writing 19 October 2017 Experiences with Identity Have you ever thought about your identity, what represents you? What defines you as a person? There are many factors on what shapes identity, such as appearance, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc., but there are two factors that speak to me most when it comes to understanding identity, gender and race. After reading articles talking over the importance of identity and seeing the powerful impact it brings to this world, it immediately made me think of what defines myself, and I quickly thought of the relationship between gender and race. Identity correlates our lives every single day, your name gives you so much meaning as a person. I believe …show more content…

When one had a good idea, a male writer would jump in and run with it before she could complete her thought” (Grant, 366). After finishing this article and seeing how women are still being looked down upon, it shows me how women are deprived of themselves when it came to speaking up for themselves, it deprives their identity. Even speaking out of the professional setting, there are much more situations in this world where women are shown to have no power over men, which puts the entire female gender into being judged too easily. It puts the female gender in a category of not being educated because they have nothing to say since they are being heavily outspoken. I believe that women shouldn’t be deprived or judged too easily, we are all the human and yes there are major differences, but we are all the same also. Along with gender being a powerful influence on identity, race is also a major topic that connects to knowing your self-identity. A person’s race is what determines their place in this world. For many years and even centuries, we are all aware that the caucasian race has been the favored over the other races, and we classify the other races as minorities. There have been many situations where minority races were criticized because of the caucasian race, and the most well known situations include murder to the African American race. With many of these situations occurring to the African American race, it

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