Concepts Of Health And Nursing

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Compassion in Nursing NU 315 Concepts of Health & Nursing Shelly Howell Compassion, or caring can be viewed as “nursing’s most precious asset” (Schantz, 2007), a fundamental element of nursing care (Dietze and Orb, 2000), and as one of the strengths of the profession. According to Torjuul et al (2007), it involves being close to patients and seeing their situation as more than a medical scenario and routine procedures. Compassion is to feel passion with someone, to enter sympathetically into their sorrow, suffering, pain or situation and desire and attempt to alleviate the sorrow, suffering, pain or need. Compassion knows when to be the shoulder to cry on and when to be the motivator for life changing health habits. Compassion is; treating not only the diagnosis but the person, the person with feelings, the person who is going to cry sometimes. Compassion is not a single quality rather an umbrella that encompasses many qualities. Compassion, in its many appearances is the key to experience again what lies at the heart of nursing practice all over the world. It is absolutely essential that nurses start to return to compassion as a central focus for nursing practice. Compassionate care is a key product of healthcare providers and is expected by the public (Burdett Trust for Nursing, 2006). It is also a vital aspect of good nursing care (Johnson, 2008). I believe compassion is no quality that is learned. It is a quality that is

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