Concert Report : ' Concert '

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Professor: Dr.Alison Bjorkedal
Class: Music 21
Concert Report
I went to a chamber music concert called Attravereso il Mare, on October 17 at 8 pm at Boston Court located in Pasadena. This project performs Italian-American songs which represent the Italian-American culture. My friend and I arrived 1 hour early, and people kept coming. Most of them are family and friends, and only few of them were coming alone, but they all had more concert experience than me because this was my first time attending any kind of concert. This concert was in a very small room with only 100 seats, but all seats were fulfilled. This concert experience impressed me a lot and changed my feeling about concert.
At the beginning of the concert, overture was a short guitar show played by Lo piccolo, called o sole mio. It had slow sound and soft feeling. It made me feel like I was relaxing in an afternoon. The song name is My Sunshine in English. The man left with his sound box and guitar after he finished, which made me feel this was not part of the concert because all the instruments were in the room. Later, “Black is the color Of My True Love 's Hair” played by the piano, harp and violin had slow speed. The violin and harp together were monophonic, and the singer, Justine Aronson, had very high voice. The conductor, Geoffrey Pope, was standing with his back facing us all the time. The conductor’s hands moved very slowly and soft that have similar speed with the music. Then, Frammenti…

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