Concussions : A Concussion As An Immediate And Transient Neural Function Post Traumatic Impairment

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Nolan Johnson English IV Mr. Browne 2 March 2017
Physicians describe a concussion as an immediate and transient neural function post traumatic impairment such as vision disturbance, alteration of consciousness, and other signs which result from brainstem involvement. An impulsive force or direct head blows leading to head acceleration are the leading causes of concussion in sports. However, not all reported loss of consciousness mean it is a concussion. The public mostly associates concussion with sports such as football, ice hockey, and boxing and it is not a major problem in other sports. The assumption is that most of these sports-related traumatic brain injuries that occur are concussions. Sports concussion is a …show more content…

Not every concussed individual experiences long-term effect from concussions unless it is severe. Some of the common short-term effect of concussions includes temporary consciousness loss, confusion, headache, dizziness, or amnesia. However, those who sustain multiple concussions suffer several serious long-term effects which can lead to retirement for sports athletes. These individuals who suffer from concussions for an extended period show different effects of cognitive impairment while others may suffer from visual processing. Thus it becomes hard for one live normally. If an athlete is suspected to have a concussion, he/she should not return to play as it can be dangerous to them and the other players. There are many cases where high-profile professional athletes retire as a result of post-concussion syndrome due to a repetitive concussion.
Concussion disrupts different elements of an individual’s higher-order of intelligence . Impairment includes a person struggling with memorization, paying attention, critical thinking, learning, and reasoning skills. If the individual 's attention is impaired, he/she finds it hard to stay focused while at sports, work or any activity, they experience brain fog or abnormal brain waves. Frequent concussions for an extended period may make the individual have a difficult time learning new skills and information as it disrupts the memory. Concussed individuals have difficulties with dysphoric moods and

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