Conflict And Art Analysis

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Conflict and art: Renaissance to Modern day Conflicts have caused a considerable amount of damage to the country's people and economy. However, conflict have also had a tremendous impact on art; including the famous art pieces we know today. Conflict has especially impacted these three art pieces: Gassed, The Third Of May 1808 and Awaken From The Unknowing. The Third of May 1808 was completed by Francisco Goya in 1814, greatly inspired by the Peninsular war. Gassed was completed by John Singer Sargent in 1919, influenced by the first world war. Finally, the Civil Rights movement guided Charles White to complete Awaken From the Unknowing in 1961. Conflicts have influenced art throughout history; each particular art piece showed the emotion and feelings the author had towards that specific conflict at the time. As I said before Gassed was completed by John Singer Sargent in 1919. Gassed is an oil type painting with light colors and shades. The painting includes several soldiers walking in a near…show more content…
It is another oil type painting that uses light and dark colors. The painting includes a person wearing very light colored clothes, making him stand out, surrounded by a squad of soldiers holding him at gunpoint. Everything seems to darken or shade as you go further from the original brightly colored person. The painting shows the unnecessary force during the Peninsular war. As stated in the introductory paragraph Awaken From the Unknowing was completed by Charles White in 1961. This drawing is created with crayon and ink and only uses white and dark shades. The painting pretty much just includes a young african american women with several papers lying in front of her. However, she is in a position where she looks tired and stressed. Since the painting was created during the civil rights movement I assume the author is trying to show struggles that african american people
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