Conflict Between Religion And Conflict

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Much of the discussion about religion in context of conflict and global politics today focuses on the Muslim world. This is not only because of the events of 11 September 2001, even for some time before these events, it has been believed that Islam was problematic because in its belief system, religion and politics could not be separated - meaning that the Muslim world was challenging to west (Mandaville, 2014). With this hypothesis, it is easy to underline simple conclusions about the link between religion and conflict today. While there has been involved a high profile terrorist conflict involving religious fundamentalism that over shadows the coherent aspect of religion. But focusing only on the extremes for instance Arab-Israel conflict does not provide a clear view of the role that religion plays in peace and conflict, further makes us judgemental. Hence the role and relationship between religion, peace and conflict is a controversial and polarising subject, appealing wide range of arguments and contrasting opinion, often grounded in popular belief rather than empirical fact. Hence, the role of religion in creating or undermining conflict is more often than not presumed rather than systematically studied. By keeping this scenario, this essay will look at religious factor in ethnic conflicts specifically which might be politicised as a religious conflict. As a result, Islam as a religion has been viewed as a dominant cause of conflict in recent ongoing terrorist…
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