Conflict In The 5th Wave By Rick Yancey

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Aliens invaded, your family dies, and you only have one chance to save the only person you have left to love. There is major conflict within this one sentence. Conflict is a very strong part in this book. In Rick Yancey’s novel, “The 5th Wave”, it shows the struggle of a young girl and a young boy who are trying to survive an invasion. The conflict is a big part of this book, and that is what the author uses to develop the personalities within the character. Also how they feel when it all happens to them. The conflicts throughout the book are person vs self, person vs person, person vs society, and person vs nature. Which all develop the two character sin this novel. Person vs self shows just how the characters cope with how they need to survive. They need to be able to trust themselves. But, they can’t push, they need to be able to do it without a struggle. “I can’t trust him. I have to trust him” (Yancey 267). Without trust you couldn’t survive. You could be really scared, one of the characters is scared that her brother might be dying or she might die. “Cassie that’s the bomb shelters freaking ventilation system” (Yancey 388). If you don’t have fear it could get you killed. Love is very important also. You need to push yourself to …show more content…

Survival is key if you are in a society that is falling apart. “Never liked them” (Yancey 59). Even if you don’t like them they could still help you survive. They could know things that you don’t. They could understand the truth which could hurt them or hurt you. “Tank is the sane one because he sees it clearly. Which is why he has to go” (Yancey 239). He understood what was going on and it hurt him. Which gave the people too much power. It could be and it is very dangerous. “When Ringer and I join the others Oompas body is gone” (Yancey 298). It is hard to make eth choice but it is even harder when they do it for you. Nature could influence these things

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