Conflict Resolution

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Erica was night supervisor in ABC company. Her job is to assign the staff and make sure that all blood units are process for the respective components without loss of any product. One night she started her shift with so much of pending work. She deligated the night staff their task so as to get the maximum work done. She then started her own routine work. Ater sometime she noticed that staff were talking to each other and not paying attention to the work. As it was busy night and she had a lot to finish ,she came on the floor and asked the staff to go back to workstation. Her tone and approach was very wrong. She was aggressive and bossing to them as she is supervisor. The staff did not like her approach but they did not agrue…show more content…
Leader should serve as role model for the followers.In above case the supervisor should have been assertive not aggressive. The job is to saty cool and calm. This would help her avoid insult and demeaning the the staffs. The Manager handled the issue un-professtional maner,especially the position and rank he holda. He used dysfuctional approach with team members.His reaction was based on the information given to him by supervisor.In order to be a fair he shouls have analyzed the situation. Managers take a great step in mangaing the conflict regardless of the intensity of argument. Two of the main objective of manager are effeciency and effectivness,This are a realistict goal for a manger to atten when the conflict resolution skills are properly mainfested. The work place is one of most common place for the conflicts, Considering the work situation, employee establish a kind of realtionship among each other that keeps a diplomatoc approach but usally does not go beyond personal level, Employee have to socialize with their coworkers because people in workplace work collaboratively. Everone works and take efforts to achieve a common goal for the bebifit of organization. It is always necessary to keep hormony in the workplace and avoid conflict. In conclusion, being a proactive ia an important first step in conflict manegemant. One way to remain in charge of conflict situation is by practising 3Rs i.e. Responsibilities
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