Conflict Resolution Is A Key Tenet Of Most Of The World 's Major Religions

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Conflict resolution is a key tenet of most of the world’s major religions. Each of the religions addresses the subject: whether directly, indirectly, or symbolically. Amongst the examples in many of the religious texts include the ending of wars, resolving oppression and the making of peace amongst many people. What also makes conflict resolution a key facet of religion is that it can lead to order from chaotic conditions, allowing for the unification of many people in the absence of other means of effective governance and in perpetuating a group of people’s survival for resources. However, it is long known that there is a constant struggle and conflict between the religions in various regions throughout the world. Conflict resolution within the five major religions has allowed for the expansion of individual religions but has placed it into conflict with other major religions. War and conflict has been recorded throughout human’s history with many researchers preforming studies that show the human species nurture, crave and enjoys conflict, war and killing. The human is the most sophisticated and intelligent being on the planet with our ability to critically think and reason. Humans remember the past, think of the future, and perpetuate our own survival far beyond what is imprinted in our DNA as instinct. We are cognizant of the afterlife and spirituality. The trepidation of death makes the human species extremely venerable to fear, driving us to seek divine

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