Conforming To Society’S Rules Is Not An Option For Everyone.

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Conforming to society’s rules is not an option for everyone. This holds true for the orphan Jane Eyre. Jane lived during the Victorian Era in England. During this time period women did not have the same freedoms as men, so as of result women lived under constant oppression. Women had to suffer loveless marriages and the inability to survive without men. Not only, were women oppressed emotionally they were not able to be independent from men. Jane Eyre objects the rules of society and attempts to find passion and independence in her life. Within Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre’s passionate belief for freedom becomes a symbol of empowerment among women. Furthermore, Jane Eyre believed there should be passion and love in marriage.…show more content…
Jane’s want of true love and the freedom of choosing who she will marry proves she is an independent and strong women in the Victorian Era. Also, she is independent when it comes to supporting herself. Additionally, Jane did not need a husband to support her. During the Victorian Era women did not have many options for being economically stable. As a result, women counted on their husbands to make money. Essentially, women were forced to marry so they could survive. Affluent women seeked men who had money, for example Blanche Ingram wanted Mr, Rochester for his money but after she found that Mr. Rochester is not as wealthy as he seems she is visibly upset. Jane described her face, she said, “her face grew momently darker, more dissatisfied, and more sourly expressive of disappointment” (271). On the contrary, Jane wanted to support herself and did not want Mr. Rochester spoiling her. When Mr. Rochester was buying Jane her wedding dress and jewelry Jane thought, “the more he bought me, the more my cheek burned with a sense of annoyance and degradation” (377). Jane did not want someone supporting her, and instead she wanted to support herself. She felt inadequate because of Mr. Rochester’s wealth. Jane did not offer much wealth since she was only a governess and because she was a poor orphan. Jane did not want to conform to society and be considered less than her husband. As of

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