Congo Short Story

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Congo! Congo! Congo! What Adaobi. “Mommy told me to wake you up.” “What time is it? “9:16.” For real, I’m almost late to the school bus. Why didn’t you wake me up early? “Mommy said to let you sleep.” Well, tell mommy I’m leaving. “Ok, bye big brother.” I’m going to be late to the school bus. Come on. Come on. 9:20 made it. Beep! Beep! “Congo you finally made it to the bus today.”The bus driver said. “Ah, Congo sits here!” Akachi said. Akachi has been my best friend ever since 6th grade, but I have a secret crush on her ever since 7th grade. “Congo it feels like you are trying to avoid me.” I will never avoid my best friend, does that sound like me. “You right, sorry for accusing you.” Oh look Akachi, we are already at school. Well nice talking to you Akachi, see you later at school Nine hours later, school is finally over. I didn’t feel like taking the bus home so I walked home. Few minute later I heard a sound. BOOM! I ran to the scene that the explosion happen at and saw a black hairless monkey. What type of monkey is that? “Ah, monkey.”The hairless black monkey said. Come. I wasn’t sure he was talking to me, so I just walked up to him. Do you want this banana? I answered sure why not. But he was looking at me crazy. So, I took the banana out his hand and ate it. Then he said, “See you tomorrow for your checkup.” When he was done talking to me I left. Ever since that day, I felt weird. I got stronger, quicker, and the weirdest one of all is waking up early. So, every

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