Congress Vs America Research Paper

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Our Government has evolved and is evolving for the benefit of the great people of our Nation. The U.S Congress made up of the house of representatives and the Senate, are systems that are designed to represent the feeling of Americans. The state legislature differs in the representation of the state, rather than the nation. In today’s rapidly changing society, raises questions, How democratic is our government, more specifically where does power reside in the U.S congress and the state legislature? Does the U.S congress and the state legislature reflect the “will of the people”? Congress serves as our legislative branch, separated into a bicameral body with their own set of responsibilities. Congressmen and women, are elected representatives…show more content…
Essentially, congress is balanced as it represents both the democratic and republican party, in the eyes of a republican some may argue that the legislature has no balance. For example, through the eyes of a republican it could be argued that that because legislature represents the state it is less democratic at the federal level. However, California is for the most part Liberal, so to those with opposing views it is less democratic at the state level, but those in favor of the changes made, will argue that it is democratic. Regardless of a state's population, the senate provides two representatives for each state and guarantees an equal vote, thus promoting equality or hindering it depending on if you are the smaller or bigger state. Various propositions were passed and allowed for more democracy in the state legislature. Proposition 11 allowed for the citizen commissions to draw the district lines rather than by the legislature themselves. Although this proposition has let the people draw the lines there are flaws, a tradition that lives on known as Gerrymandering, which gives an unfair advantage to a particular party or candidate. Not particularly in California, but gerrymandering allows politicians to draw their state lines and not all states have citizen commissions drawing lines. The California state legislature is more democratic as it represents more voters than US congress
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