Conjugal Violence In Social Work

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Routine Activities Along with these two amazing projects, I also engaged in administrative work like answering phones, taking messages, making calls, notifying the social workers and cultural intermediaries that their clients have arrived, ensuring that the client is comfortable, and so forth. One thing that will remain memorable was when I answered the phone and a man explained called for a friend because he feared that his friend was in danger of being killed by her husband and asked whether there was space at SOAFS’s emergency shelter. With this crisis call, I realized how conjugal violence is a very serious issue in Quebec, and it showed me the how severe some people’s cases can be. Not only was I shaken, but I was also in awe at how calmly and with such poise the social workers are when dealing with these types of situation. Additionally, I realized that these are the types of situation that the social workers need to deal with on a daily basis. Other Activities …show more content…

This meeting served as a way to welcome me and delineate to everyone my role at The Shield. Moreover, I also had the opportunity to attend the General Assembly (GA) and meet a few of the board members. The GA discussed several aspects of the Shield such as the number of phone calls received, the number of clients they helped, their future goal, how close they are to achieving their goal of opening the Second Step Shelter, how the emergency shelter works and the different rules set forth by the social worker, and so on. The General Assembly allowed me to learn more about the organization and the services offered. As well, the statistics about how many women were calling in times of distress was surprising as I did not expect the number to be very

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