Conmemoration of the 538th Anniversary of Hans Behems Death

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A man who chose to defy the social hierarchy while inspiring medieval Europe and thousands of peasants with his foresight on equality.

In his period, Hans Behem was viewed as a determined, alluring individual and to this day we are still captivated by his passionate words and sermons. He wanted to adjust Europe’s social hierarchy, to restore religious equality, and to preach to other peasants about justice. The tasks he set up for himself were difficult and came with a large risks. However, with his guided dedication he was able to build a strong followers base thus paving a path for reform.

Today we stand, remembering Behem as an energetic, captivating young man, directed through a specific vision that guided him to preach the virtues regarding social justice and equality.

In the 15th century, the German peasantry was placed “at the bottom of an inverted pyramid” (p.31). One particular night, Behem who was both a shepherd and a street musician had a vision of the Virgin Mary requesting him to burn his desires and preach about dedication to God. Over time, his words earned him the name “the Drummer” and residents from all corners of Germany were coming to Niklashausen to hear “the Drummer”. Within a short period of time Church…

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