Conncap Program Reflection

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ConnCAP program had been one of the things that has complete changed my life. When I was in 9th grade in High School, I was learning English, since I just had arrived 5 to 6 months before I start going to go to Bulkeley High School. When I started High School I did not know any English, everything was hard for me. I did not even know what “What’s up” meant. One day when I was in my algebra I class, one lady came in to the classroom and tell to the teacher if she could talk to us about something very important. Her name is Susana Ulloa at the beginning I had no idea of what she was talking about, but then she start saying everything over in Spanish. She start talking about the ConnCAP program, is a 6 weeks program, it is to prepare students …show more content…

My life has changed a lot, I now know more English than before, I now know what What’s up means. I am not an English expert but, I am proud that I am part of this program because it was a key for me to learn English. Even though that there still people who does make fun of my English because I still having the Latino accent I know that with practice I can improve my pronunciation to make it better than ever. As a student I had learned a lot, especially on the English subject. In my last year of the ConnCAP program I had been taking English 1004, the college course that every Uconn freshman student have to take. By taking this course I had learn how to write an essay, new things that I did not know too much about it before. Everyday, I learn a new things that it can be use in my life, even that I sometimes can be mean with other people in this program and I had learn that perfectly. Also, that been mean with other is not right, I had learned a lot of things in this programs, not just as a student but, as a person I have a lot of things to think about it and change some of them. If it was not for the ConnCAP i probably I would not know English at this point of my

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