Connection of Terrorism and the Middle East Essay

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You are the new Security guard at the International Airport. You made sure everything was in order and that people safely went to their designated flight. As you were walking around the airport, you notice a Middle-aged man carrying a large suitcase. The man seems nervous and is looking around as if he is lost. However, as you approach him, your intention of helping the man vanishes when you notice that the man is wearing a type of scarf around his head and a long white garment that distinguishes him as a Muslim. Instantly, flashes of the 9/11 attacks come rushing in your mind as you confronted the man about his nervousness. The man explained that his flight was arriving soon and that his friend is running a little late. You still …show more content…

Muslims are sometimes seen as terrorists to some Americans, however Americans are seen no different to Muslims. The economy and war in the Middle East attracted U.S. attention. For example, the Middle East is famous for their discovery of oil. The oil became a center of balanced power and helped increased technology in the U.S. (Del Priore, 27 Mar. 2013). The Middle East opened up a large economic opportunity for the U.S. to trade goods. The demand of oil in the Middle East is highly needed, which creates a concern for the Middle East in giving their oil to foreigners. In addition, Iran poses a problem to the U.S. regarding the use of nuclear weapons, hatred towards Israel, and is a state sponsor of terrorism (Del Priore, 27 Mar. 2013). Iran is capable of committing violent acts towards the people of Israel. Iran could get innocent people hurt if their hatred gets to point of the U.S. to take drastic actions. The U.S. wanted to get involved in the U.S. because of its economic opportunities, but the tensions between the Middle East and Israel still continues to pose a concern. Arabs and Jews despised one another due to bad events in their past. For example, when Israel was given to the Jews in the ‘ 47 UN partition, Arabs had to move to the fringes of Israel including the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and Golan Heights (Del Priore, 27 Mar. 2013). The Arabs did not like the fact that they had to move to another part of Israel and the

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