Cons Of Independence Research Paper

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Contained Freedom
People strive for independence no matter what situation they’re put in. Even in a country such as the United States where people are granted freedoms that others may not have, people still yearn to be more independent. Freedom is a privilege, so of course it comes with many benefits. However, there are always pros as well as cons to any given thing, and independence is no exception. Independence allows freedom and better self expression, but can also leave people lost, confused, and afraid. Independence requires responsibility, but the challenges come with great rewards.
There’s a song by Foster The People called “Waste” that has a line that goes, “You know it's funny how freedom can make us feel contained / Yeah When the muscles in our legs aren't used to all the walking.” I think this sums up how independence works incredibly well. Independence is something that requires work, especially in a generation that has found shortcuts to so many tasks that used to take much longer. People who are not used to being able to do tasks on their own will become confused and tired quickly. If they aren’t prepared to take responsibility and act maturely …show more content…

Freedom is a luxury. With it comes the ability of a man to make decisions on his own, obtain life skills that come from experience, and find a better way to express himself. With overbearing authority over him, a person is less likely to be able to do things that he truly wants, and will limit himself from the things he truly wants. Some people may choose a job they absolutely hate, all to benefit something like a family reputation, a debt, or the dreams of others. Personal independence allows those people to pursue the dreams they want to chase, free of the bonds put on them by authority. Along with that comes happiness, and that is something many people strive to

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