Cons Of Self Driving Cars

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1.2 million people die on the road each year, equivalent to a 737 plane falling out of the sky every hour. In 94% of the cases, the cause is human error. Self-driving cars can completely take away the factor of human error. Driverless cars are a fantastic idea, they can prevent accidents, reduce time of transportation and give people more free time while traveling. Self driving cars are a great idea because they can decrease the amount of accidents on the road. The biggest percentage of car crashes are caused by human error and having a computer driving the car would take away the aspect of human error. For example if a person was driving and the car in front of them hit their brakes really fast, and the person driving was distracted by something then they would not notice this as fast as the computer because the computer would constantly be watching the road and will not get distracted meaning that the person may crash and the computer would not. Having teens use a self driving car instead of driving themselves would cause less accidents and would save lives. “If all U.S. teen drivers traded car keys for the Waymo service, we could eliminate one million accidents and countless teen fatalities.” This shows that self driving cars are much safer than people driving on their own. Some people that oppose the idea of self-driving cars may look at the ethical side of this and think of how a self driving car would swerve off a road for a deer but then possibly killing the

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