Conscapism In Woman On The Edge Of Time By Marge Piercy

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According to the Oxford Dictionary, escapism is “the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy.” Humans engage in escapism in all sorts of different ways to get away from the stressful reality. Some visit the movie theatre and immerse themselves in cinematic entertainment. Others daydream themselves into imaginary worlds. However, escapism becomes a concern signaling mental illness when an individual has recurring daydreams that interfere with his or her daily activities. In Woman on the Edge of Time, the author Marge Piercy features the main character Conseulo “Connie” Ramos, a 37-year-old Chicana woman who is allegedly summoned into the utopian future …show more content…

“Often when Eddie was about to strike her, she knew it and cowered before he drew back his hand for a blow… When Eddie was going to hit her, he hit her anyhow… Her bruises were as sore and shameful. Her tears were as bitter” (Piercy 42). It is deduced that Connie was married to Eddie around the time she attended college. Being that young and mishandled badly, the main character has obviously obtained severe, lifelong trauma because of Eddie’s abusive treatment. She even had to experience his alcoholic outbursts and emotional heartbreaks as he cheated on her. Such emotional stress clearly played a part in developing her PTSD, which is caused by dangerous and traumatic experiences. More mistreatment from other men has also contributed. The doctors in the mental hospital have power and authority over her. By forcing to operate on Connie without her own consent, they literally pry into her mind to control her thoughts and emotions. Another example is Connie’s older brother Luis. Traditionally, family members are supposed to be loving but Luis is a spiteful anomaly. By agreeing to admit his own flesh and blood into the mental hospital and allowing her to be a test subject, Luis forced Connie onto a miserable path of despair. Even Geraldo’s story of Connie’s violence is easily believed by the hospital. These men’s control over her life obviously emphasizes the male dominance on her life and explains why Connie

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