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Abstract Consensual Relationship Agreements at the work place rules and regulations should be strictly enforced in the offices. Consensual Relationship Agreement refers to the romance relationships between employees at the work place. Great deals of individuals have opinions about consensual relationships agreements. My opinion is that the agreement should be signed by every employee and this procedure would be more effective for the organizational and employee. This study is conducted based on the hypothetical research and subordinate sources of data. (Her Campus, 2013) Consensual Relationship Agreement Arguments: Consensual Relationship Agreements policies and regulations are very important to have in a workplace. The case in …show more content…

Even though many focus on the positive possibilities of finding that special someone, the main reason why the subject has been not been a conversation is because of the potential negative results. (Leadership 2013) Consensual Relationships is a verbal or physical confirmation from either participating partying. The Consensual Relationship Agreements at a great deal of companies refers to it as higher management should not participate in romantic act with employee under his or her leadership. A great deal of companies make employees sign documents stating that they have read the consensual relationship agreement documents. Companies feel as if this procedure will make employee reluctant to conduct this behavior. Examine the previous statistics I do not feel this procedure is very effective because management a great deal of times are the individuals conducting this behavior. (Losee and Olen, 2007) The Negative Side to Office Romance Office romance has always been the potential of a break-up; as a result, depending on how the relationship proceeded near its end, the two workers may be able to conduct themselves professionally. However, if the relationship detours differently the relationship can corrupt and cause a great deal of tension at the workplace. Another negative to office romance is other employees discovering about the relationship and rumors spreading throughout the

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