Consequences Of Plagiarizing Political Leaders

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Plagiarizing Politicians Plagiarizing politicians is not new news for vigilant voters. Politicians and renowned leaders, new and old, like Joe Biden, Sen. John Walsh, Rand Paul, Barack Obama, and even Vladimir Putin have all been condemned for accused plagiarism – thankfully, not all their responses were as level-headed as Joe Biden’s when he said, “I do not understand what the big deal is” (Osnos, Evan). But what does that say about the United States’ own elected leaders? What does that say about the people who elected these plagiarizing and shameless leaders? These political leaders should be held accountable to the consequences of their actions, just like anybody else, as they should be even less likely to plagiarize than the common college…show more content…
If a government leader is caught stealing the intellectual property of another, what does that say about their integrity? What does that tell voters about their intellect? Any government leader caught in the act of stealing intellectual property should be a red flag to all voters because, most likely, that candidate or politician doesn’t have much intellectual property of their own to begin with. And if it’s not their own words and their own work, then who is it that’s really running the country? Of course, many politicians will make the excuse that they just don’t have the time to come up with original speeches and believe that other authors’ beliefs are parallel to their own, but it doesn’t matter. Without proper credit given to the original author, which only takes a few extra seconds to do, appear to the public as original, and anyone attempting to be a fraud will be exposed as one. (I just couldn’t think of what type of evidence to use for this paragraph, other than common sense,) Voters should be shocked that their own country’s representative leaders would partake in such an elementary error like plagiarism. It is well known that plagiarism is not new in the world, and with the development of new antiplagiarism guidelines and technology for students across the globe, including: The United States, middle east, parts of Asia, and even South Africa, political leaders should not be making such a fundamental flaw (Mansoor, Faiqa, and Kanwal Ameen). These representatives should not be in office nor elected into office, and all voters need to be educated on this type of political
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