Consequences Of The Nanjing Massacre

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The Nanjing Massacre to some extent was more atrocious than the bombing of Hiroshima. The main reasons were: the ongoing physical violence, Japan’s war aggression, and lastly, people tend to forget to forget its history, in comparison to Hiroshima bombings. The Nanjing Massacre was arguably more atrocious than the atomic bombing of Hiroshima in terms of ongoing physical violence. The Japanese Imperial Army’s invasion in China prolonged the Nanjing Massacre. Moreover, arguably, it was more atrocious in their case because their own government and army abandoned them. A survivor named Jiang Genfu had to watch his parents and siblings get killed by Japanese soldiers, at the age of nine. The Nanjing Massacre was “hardly the unifying event that it has for the Chinese”. “No one could fathom the overall extent of the terror” by looking at confidential accounts and diaries from Chinese survivors. An estimate of 200,000 Chinese civilians and war prisoners were massacred in Nanjing during the first six weeks of the Japanese invasion. Numbers may not mean anything, however, the violence was ongoing. Historians also had to take into account that not all numbers add up because published textbooks present varied information. Beijing stated that 300,000 people were massacred. Both sides often questioned the figures. A professor at Sophia University named Watanabe Shoichi, claimed that “200,000 or 300,000 could not have been massacred in Nanjing,” assuming the size of the Japanese

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