The Mass Killings : The Holocaust Vs. The Rape Of Nanking

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The Mass Killings: The Holocaust Vs. the Rape of Nanking Most people in the world never seem to realize the mass number of raping or killings that are going on around them. Meanwhile, during the holocaust, no one understood how much it was happening around them then either, except for the people it was happening to. Most people are aware of the savagery that occurred during the holocaust in Germany, but few have ever even heard of Nanjing, much less the rape of Nanjing. Both genocides share very close similarities, and they both also share their differences.
While there were many similarities when it comes to the cruelty and degradation of the individuals that were involved, they were different. These events occurred for very different …show more content…

They got tortured, brutally slaughtered, and raped. The perpetrators of the Holocaust are Adolf Hitler, all Nazi Soldiers, and SS/ Gestapo. The reason behind the blaming of Adolf Hitler is because at the time, he was their (german people) leader. He wanted a genetically perfect world. He murdered anyone who was different. Dark skinned people such as the Jews would be put in the concentration camps. They would be gassed, then thrown away like trash. All Nazi Soldiers are to blame because they murdered, kidnapped, and gassed the Jews.. The SS/ Gestapo are to blame because they were the special “Soldiers” that tortured the Jews and killed them. The perpetrators of the Rape of Nanjing would have to be Japanese soldiers and all Japanese Military. The reason behind their blame is they bombarded the city and slaughtered the innocent civilians, and they raped innocent woman and children. They even murdered newborn babies and fetuses.
The Holocaust and the Rape of Nanjing were similar based on what was happening during the time of each event. During the Holocaust, the Jews had a loss of rights. Better well known as Nuremberg Laws. They lost their homes and had to live in what they called the ghettos. Numerous families were located in one house, there was no bathrooms, no showers, and they were not allowed to leave the “home.” Once they were taken from the Ghetto, their next trip was to the concentration camp, basically known as death chambers. They would take the Jews into

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