Consequences Of Underage Drinking

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Underage drinking has been a growing concern among the public. As society idolizes the party life style, adolescence seem to be more encouraged to join the movement. Because the youth of todays generations are not aware of the responsibilities that come along with drinking, they are ignorant to the fact that there are ramification that come along with underage drinking. Though there are factors that play along with the juvenile party trend, as a community, we must come together and be aware of the poor results these actions can cause. Underage drinking has become an outrage; its use among teenagers has consequences such as brain damage, addictiveness, and safety risks. Teenagers can tend to view alcohol as a conversation starter, helping them loosen up around people; but it can cause harsh brain damage. In spite the reality that alcohol can affect several parts of the brain while drinking underage, the Hippocampus and the Prefrontal Lobe, are especially susceptible to alcohol damage. Hippocampus is in control of memory and learning, “Studies of adolescents show that …show more content…

As though the youth don't already make inferior choices without alcohol, with it, the results can be fatalistic. “…about 1155 persons under 21 die every year in car crashes involving underage drinking.” (Consumer Information, 2013). This is proof of how alcohol is poison to the youth, dominating their behavior, and becoming the cause to such young deaths. With the help of alcohol, teens awareness is being altered. “In 2008, almost 40,000 youth ages 15-20 were admitted to hospitals due to alcohol problems.” (Consumer Information, 2013). The numbers review the risks put in place by teens consuming alcohol. If the damage done is not lethal, it very well can still be life changing. From broken bones, to possibly killing or injuring someone else, everything can change in one

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