Consequences of the Vietnam War Essay

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Consequences of the Vietnam War

The ear in Vietnam had ended and on the 30th April 1975, the NLF took control of Saigon and renamed it Ho Chi Minh City. President Thieu resigned and fled the country. Vietnam became a united country and elections were held in 1976 (20 years late). The Domino theory continued into Laos and Cambodia but not Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. Apart from this short term effect, there many short and long term effects on Vietnam once the Americans had left. There a similar range of social, economic and political effects on the United States.

Vietnam had many issues to deal with in the immediate aftermath of the war. When the Americans left Vietnam,
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800 000 children had been orphaned and 1 000 000 women had been made widows. There were also many personal tragedies such as Napalm which burned people by melting the flesh leaving permanent disfigurement. Americans later found that chemicals used in the war such as Agent Orange possibly led to deformities and genetic malfunctions, for example, children without eyes or twisted limbs or even miscarriages. Many American GIs had unknowingly fathered children. With the contempt the Vietnamese felt towards the Americans, these children were generally shunned and rejected. As all wars inevitably do, the Vietnamese war caused many illnesses and there was a lack of these medical supplies to treat after-effects of war in Vietnam.

There were also many long term effects on the landscape. Bombing had caused huge craters and destroyed hundreds of villages. Industry had been destroyed. Forests were defoliated and crops destroyed. This resulted in soil erosion and flooding. The land was infertile for many years. Since Vietnam's main industry was farming, the economy was ruined. Economic problems resulted. There was a shortage of raw materials, there was high unemployment (as the S V army was disbanded) farmers were forced to work on collective farms which they did not like.

Additional problems in Vietnam still existed in the

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