Consider Mass Syndication Without A Lead

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Consider mass syndication without a lead Syndicated investment refers to investing in projects, such as start-ups, which are considered too risky for a single investor or investment firms. Syndicated investments are joint investment opportunities and a good option for business fundraising. While a mass syndication can also happen with a lead investor in charge of the round, it is possible to opt for a mass syndication without a lead. This means that you are essentially appealing for multiple investors at any single time. With a mass syndication, your business will receive multiple, smaller investments and won’t often have to provide investors any say in the business’ direction and day-to-day running. Therefore, mass syndication without a lead can be a great way to secure investment without losing control of your business. Because investors still get to enjoy the same economic deal as more conventional angle investors, investors are increasingly interested in this form of investing. The right terms and valuation When it comes to mass syndication without a lead, there are two crucial points you need to cover before you start knocking on the doors of investors. First, you must cover the terms for fundraising clearly. You want to approach investors with a clear strategy and plan – since you are looking for multiple investors, you cannot start making up the terms as you go on. Define the term sheet clearly and make sure it is the same for each investor. This will bring
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