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Kingshuk Daschowdhury
Mrs. Graham
History 8 2B
18 December 2017 Quarter Two Constitutional Convention Project
State Background
The Delaware Colony was founded by Peter Minuit. However, it became the first U.S state that was established in December 7, 1787. Delaware was the first colony to be approved as a state by the Federal Constitution.
Based on the census conducted in 1790, Delaware's population consisted of 50,209 free people and 8,887 slaves. In proportion to other states, Delaware had a relatively low amount of slaves. As of the whole population including slaves, Delaware had a low whole population.
The economy of the state was made up of fishing, agriculture, tobacco, and slave trade. Tobacco highly encouraged slave …show more content…

Considered. In this pamphlet, he wrote that the way to discontinue the Sugar and Stamp Acts was to bring English merchants to the American side of business.
A. Role of Government i. John Dickinson approved of the Articles of Confederation since he had signed the document when he was part of Pennsylvania in 1776. When the Articles of Confederation started to fall apart, Dickinson held the Annapolis Convention in 1786. The goal of the Convention was to review the Articles. Many Americans believed that a constitution could not function without the Articles of Confederation. However, Mr. Dickinson thought that the Articles could be changed without putting the government's functionality in jeopardy. At first, Delaware refused to ratify the Articles of Confederation because the state wanted other states to abandon their own land claims so that Delaware and other small states could approve of the Articles. On February 1, 1779, Delaware finally accepted the conditions of the Articles of Confederation. ii. John Dickinson specifically wanted a strong national government because in the draft of the Articles of a Confederation, he included the need for a central government. Many delegates supported his decision.
B. National Legislature i. Mr. Dickinson thinks that the representatives should

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