Constitutional Right to Privacy and the Us Patriot Act Essay example

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Privacy Essay

Privacy. What do you think the average American would say if you told them they have no Constitutional Right to Privacy, as privacy is never mentioned anywhere in the Constitution? That the information they share over the World Wide Web has little if any protection by or from the government. Of course our government is hard at work to modernize the form of weeding out the unsanitary to which some cenacles might call censorship. But the main question still stands, do we have a right to privacy and is the government violating our natural freedoms, or do we need someone to monitor the actions of our society to keep order. The question is as old as government; to what extent should the government influence our lives. When you
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This is a very debatable topic and many parents have different grounds for the extent of their child's privacy. Some children are monitored by their parents, correcting every mistake and punishing every misjudgment. Other parents promote more of a free spirit and trust, to teach their child independence and develop experiences. Two are differing theories of parenting and both are different theories of government. One assumes that humans are naturally reasonable creatures and the other that humans are naturally emotionally driven and unreliable. So the question then goes to nature or nurture, and are humans reasonable or erratic? So we assume that man is a combination of both good and evil, and in doing so we assume that some level of privacy is in order but also the government must control those who diverge from the law. The question then
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arises, to what degree should citizens be left to themselves and what degree should they be monitored? The two extrema of this argument include the State of Nature, which has been previously described, and what is also known as the Big Brother structure. The idea that if man were molded to be perfect from birth, they would in turn live perfect lives is an idea that has been philosophized, debated, and dreamed of for generations of intellectuals. In almost every theorized Utopia, there has been a certain level of censorship. Censorship in these hypothetical societies exists on the

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