Constructing A Good Human Being : Ethics By Aristotle

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Constructing a Good Human Being: Ethics by Aristotle
Aristotle’s philosophy of ethics reflects the complexity of human action, deliberation, and human life in general. His philosophy provides a flexible basis for integrating the subjective and the objective. In the books Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle describes five intellectual virtues that help man to be a good human being: technical knowledge, scientific knowledge, philosophical wisdom, intuitive reasoning, and practical wisdom. These intellectual virtues are important aspects of Organizational Behavior, my current major. In this paper, I will argue how the core values of Organizational Behavior were developed and connected with Aristotle’s ethical ideas. I will begin by elucidating my major, Organizational behavior. Organizational Behavior (OB) is defined as the study of human behavior in the workplace, of the interaction between people with the organization, and the organization itself (DuBrin, 2016, pp.3). My main goals as an organizational behavior major are to explain, predict, and control behavior. Furthermore, other fields influence OB, such as social psychology, sociology (the study of group behavior, diversity and culture), cultural anthropology (the values and cultures), and lastly, political science emphasis on understanding the distribution of power in organization.
Likewise, it is important for this major to incorporate core values, perceptions, attitudes, and ethics in the development of leadership. Many

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